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Wolke7 Extra Thin Insole

Wolke7 Extra Thin Insole

Wolke7 Insole is made of German medical grade silicone. Especially designed for the needs of people who suffer from chronic foot pain or related problems. Wolke 7 effectively disperse foot pressure and relieve foot pain.z



· Evenly distribute foot pressure

· Extra soft blue area: take care of severely pressurized areas

· Significantly reduce the chances of knee, pelvic, and spine damage caused by excessive walking

· Extra thin design: slim-fit for all types of shoes

· Durable and easy to clean : General care only needs to be cleaned with water

· 100% made of German medical grade silicone

· Made in Germany, Quality Ensured.


Size: XXS-XL

**Welcome to visit our stores to try on and learn more from our professional salesperson

**Size could be changed for once within 14 days of purchase

**Rock Trading reserves the right to make all final exchange decisions

  • Applicable footwear

    High heels, leather shoes, work shoes and casual shoes etc. 

  • Warranty

    1 year warranty


  • Size Chart

    Size Shoe Size (EUR)

    XXS 34-35

    XS 36-37

    S 37-38

    M 39-40

    L 41-42

    XL 43-44

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