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OFA Compression Stockings (AG)

OFA Compression Stockings (AG)

OFA Gadient Compression Stockings can effectively promote blood circulation, strengthen and improve the return pressure of the veins and venous valves of the lower extremities.


OFA medical grade compression stockings are regularly inspected by the German RAL strict quality control organization (German RAL Quality Assurance GZ 387/1) to ensure that users can have a high quality experience of usage


  • Precise and progressive pressure distribution
  • Medium intensity pressure cycling and coverage
  • Eliminate fatigue and repel blue tendons
  • Prevent foot swelling
  • Maintain the natural beauty of the feet
  • Especially suitable for people who stand, sit and walk for a long time

Size : S-XL

Color: Black/Beige

Style: opened toe/closed toe



  • Place of origin


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