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Ultra 9000 Series is a combination unit of TENS, EMS, IF, Pelvic and Facial stimulator intended for use of pain treatment, muscle training, facial palsy & incontinence treatment. The operation of the device is controlled by press buttons. Both adjustable modes and preset programs are available on the unit. The unit is ideal for clinical and daily homecare.


Product Features

• Five Modalities for Pain Relief, Muscle Training, Facial Palsy & Incontinence Treatment in one Unit

• Large Backlit LCD

• Full Digital Press Buttons Control

• Treatment Time Countdown

• Adjustable Beep Sound

• Lock Facility

• Quick Selection of Modalities and Modes

• Patient Compliance Meter

• Precise Intensity Control in 60 or 99 steps

• 15 Adjustable Modes and 42 Preset Programs

  • Country of origin


  • Accessories

    Description QTY

    1) 50*50MM

    Adhesive Electrodes 4pcs

    2) Electrodes Leads 2pcs

    3) 9V Battery, type 6F22 4pcs

    4) Instruction manual 1pc

    5) Carrying case 1pc

    6) AC power Adapter 1pc


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