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Verta-Fit Spine Support Air Cushion

Verta-Fit Spine Support Air Cushion

Verta Fit air cushion supports the natural S-shape of the spine, effectively supports the waist and body. Air cushion significantly reduces the tension of the intervertebral disc and back muscles. It ensures that you maintain a healthy sitting posture at anytime, anywhere.


  • Maintains a healthy sitting posture naturally without force
  • Effectively support and protect user's waist, avoid strain caused by excessive burden on waist
  • Significantly reduce fatigue and soreness of back muscles
  • Extreme comfort: Relieve the muscle tension caused by sitting for a long time
  • Multi-purpose design: After blowing in the right amount of air, the air cushion can be used as a footrest for light exercise of the feet (especially suitable for people with limited mobility)
  • Especially suitable for people who need to sit for a long time
  • Portable: Could be used at anytime and anywhere
  • Durable : High quality frabic used to ensure air flow amount remains unchanged
  • Colour


  • Size


  • Maximum load weight


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