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Wolke 7 Full Size Insole

Wolke 7 Full Size Insole

Wolke7 Insole is made of German medical grade silicone. Especially designed for the needs of people who suffer from chronic foot pain or related problems. Wolke 7 effectively disperse foot pressure and relieve foot pain.



  • Evenly distribute foot pressure
  • Thickened arch area prevents plantar fasciitis
  • Extra soft blue area : take care of severely pressurised position of the foot
  • Significantly reduce the chances of knee, pelvic, and spine damage caused by excessive walking
  • Specially designed holes to reduce sweat and odor problems
  • Durable and easy to clean : General care only needs to be cleaned with water
  • 100% made of German medical grade silicone
  • Made in Germany, Quality Ensured

Size: XS-XXL


**Welcome to visit our stores to try on and learn more from our professional salesperson

**Size could be changed for once within 14 days of purchase

**Rock Trading reserves the right to make all final exchange decisions

  • Suitable Shoe Types

    Leisure shoes, sports shoes, safety shoes etc.

  • Warranty

    1-Year Warranty

  • Size Chart

    Size EUR

    XS 33-34

    S 35-37

    M 38-39

    L 40-41

    XL 41-42

    XXL 43-45

    *Please be noted that the above size chart is for reference only, sizes may differ with different foot shape

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